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Notice: In a homeschool, parents or legal guardians remain the primary educators. Classes and/or instruction from Classical Learning Adventures seek only to supplement a homeschool course of study, not replace it. Before a student may be admitted to CLA, a copy of the letter of intent to homeschool must be made available. Given to Yellowstone County, this letter ensures that your homeschool is accredited; provided to CLA, we remain aware that the proper steps were followed and that the rules and legalities of homeschooling in Montana are understood. In courses offered through CLA, regular feedback will be provided instead of letter grades; parents/guardians may request a "suggested" grade. Semester I courses run September 4 through December 20. In-class instructional time will equal 45 hours.

Stories, Songs, and Sayings

*Students will usually bring something home to be worked on/completed for the next class meeting, but no curricula at home is being replaced. I want to clarify that, especially with respect to the English Language Arts. At home, students will need continued support with their reading, spelling, writing, etc. This class is supplementary to a homeschool program; it doesn't replace parental instruction or home Language Arts studies. If you don't yet have your own curriculum, or if you wish to align your studies with class, I'll be more than happy to help or work with you. If you have any questions about what you and your child(ren) should be working on from home at this age/ grade-level, please ask or visit with someone from the Montana Coalition of Home Educators or the Homeschool Legal Defense Association

Both classes will require that students usually bring something home to be worked on/completed for the next class meeting. Please anticipate your child spending 60 minutes each week on their CLA classwork at home. 

Stories, Songs, and Sayings
(grades K-2)

While reading, writing, and mathematics remain areas that need be present in a K-2 curriculum, the overarching aim of a Classical Education is to nurture a child’s wonder and curiosity. The world, past and present, is a beautiful place. The world is full of sounds, stories, scenes, and songs that have created themselves a living museum. Children need to see this, the world’s beauty as they learn; they need to see the good. At the age when habits of learning and communication begin to form, exposure to what keeps the heart and soul enchanted will positively impact the mind. Hearing stories and music, singing songs and chants, seeing pictures and creating art are just a few ways in which children learn naturally, effortlessly, and instinctively.


Stories, Songs, and Sayings is a combination class that offers instruction in the English Language Arts, introductory Latin, Music, and Art. These areas, full of wonder just waiting to be explored, complement one another. Together, they likewise serve as a foundation from which your child will learn and grow, acquiring positive learning habits and communication skills. 


In English, students will regularly hear stories, poems, and tales, while they also hone their own skills in reading from a phonics-based approach. Spelling, beginning writing exercises, and early grammar studies will also receive time and attention. Three concise sayings, poems, or knowledge tidbits will be memorized and recited over the 15-week semester. An introduction to Latin will complement study in the English Language Arts. Activities, animations, sayings, and chants will serve as a gentle introduction to this classical language. Student pronunciation will not be a concern at this level. Simple vocabulary and interesting English derivatives will stay the primary focus; grammar will only be introduced if a student is ready. In Music, students will hear music from great composers of the past, and learn that music can be likened to a story. They will also learn a little about the composer, too. Musical instruments will be explored along with various musical terms and concepts. Art will be a combination of drawing, painting, and coloring that reinforce teachings in the other three areas of class.   


Stories, Songs, and Sayings will aid parents in establishing a positive academic foundation for their child. This class also offers an ideal opportunity for homeschooled students to learn alongside other children in a safe, peaceful, and joyous environment with a state-certified educator.




(grades 3-5)

Moving beyond grade 2, a Classical Education strives to sustain wonder and curiosity. The wonder of the humanities, in literature and history, and the curiosity that language study spurs, become enduring features at this stage of learning. Contact with nature, art, and music continue to serve as important sources of wonder and enjoyment, and children may now more seriously dedicate themselves to the creation of art and music. Continued exposure to what fulfills lends itself to the beginning of mastery.

Musing is a combination class that offers instruction in three areas from the Humanities:  Art History/Picture Study, Fairy Tales study, and beginning Latin. These focuses, rich in reading and some challenges, offer space for exploration and contemplation, and the opportunity to work with a group.


Students will absorb great works in Art History through picture study, while also learning about the artist and particular movement or time period. In Fairy Tales, they will discover the purpose of and patterns in some of our most beloved, timeless tales. We'll primarily read and work on pieces from Hans Christian Andersen and Brothers Grimm. For classical language study, students will begin work in Latin. This class will move along more quickly than the other class, but a background in classical languages is not required. Students who might already be familiar with beginning Latin will have a tailored curriculum to keep them challenged.

A key component of Musing will be communication: group activities and study, and encouraging thoughtful discussion among peers. Students should also anticipate some writing, memorizing, and speaking.

Tuition and Fees, 2018-2019:


Each class will be capped

Annual Family Registration fee (for classes, including before- and after-care):



Copy fee (per class, per semester):


non-refundable after August 15, 2018


Semester Tuition (per class, per semester, 45 hours of instruction):


% refundable on or before August 31 


Before-and After-Class Care (per hour, per child):  $


     Is my child(ren) ready for Stories, Songs, and Sayings or Musing?


Multiple homeschool curriculum sources offer helpful online evaluations. I ask that parents utilize these two programs' reading/writing assessments to measure their child's readiness* for a class. The PDF files should be linked where indicated.

1) The All About Reading Phonics curriculum assessment. For Stories, students should answer and understand the Level 1 questions with ease; Level 2 questions may increase in difficulty. For Musing, students should answer and understand the Level 3 questions; the Level 4 questions may or may not increase in difficulty. 

2) The Sonlight Language Arts assessment. For Stories, students should answer and understand the K-Level questions with ease; the 1-Level questions may increase in difficulty. For Musing, students should answer and understand the 2-Level questions and do fairly well with 3-Level; the 4-Level questions may or may not increase in difficulty.


*These assessments measure different skills and strengths -- they are not exact. Likewise, the K-2 and 3-5 grade-level designations are only "approximate." If you have any questions or concerns regarding your child's readiness for one of the classes, please ask.

*If you are only seeking foreign language instruction for your child, or aid in reading or writing, etc., please let me know. I can always work with your family on private instruction.


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